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Transform your operational landscape with our cost-effective, rapid, and risk-free drone services, leaving behind the constraints of traditional methods

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Service 01
Tank Inspection
Tank Inspection
Visualize, detect, conquer. Elevate your tank inspection process with intelligent drone technology and make proactive decisions with confidence.
Outcomes & Features
Utilize visual and thermal imaging for detailed inspection results.
Achieve inspections 35% faster than conventional methods.
Enjoy a 50% cost reduction compared to traditional approaches.
Benefit from UT inspection capabilities
Conduct both external and internal inspections.
Adhere to API 653 inspection standards for comprehensive assessments.
Service 02
Survey and Mapping
Survey and Mapping
End-to-end surveying and mapping solutions help your company to stay competitive, save time in the data acquisition, post-processing and be more efficient.
CAD Drawings
Orthomosaic / Contour Map
Photogrammetry / LiDAR
Multispectral / Hyperspectral
Up to 3cm GSD

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Service 03
Flare Inspection
Flare Inspection
Revolutionize flare inspections with cost-effective, safe, and efficient drone technology—high-resolution imaging without disrupting operations or shutting down the flare.
Outcomes & Features
Enhances safety by eliminating personnel exposure to hazardous environments, minimizing injury risks.
Delivers high-quality data and comprehensive 360-degree views of flare components.
No need for flare shutdown.
Enables inspection from a safe distance of 30 meters away from the flare stack.
Service 04
Powerline Inspection
Powerline Inspection
Transform powerline inspections—swift, safe, and accurate with high-resolution visual and thermal imaging, analyzed by skilled inspectors for defect identification.
Outcomes & Features
Detect anomalies through visual, thermal, and corona inspections.
360-degree aerial imaging.
Significantly faster than conventional methods.
Delivering reliable georeferenced images and anomaly data.
Service 05
Pipeline / Flowline
Pipeline / Flowline Inspection
See beyond the horizon, predict the unseen. Empower your pipeline with next-level drone monitoring and proactive solutions.
Outcomes & Features
Covering more than 100 meters corridor.
Providing rich data with videos and georeferenced images.
Utilizing AI/ML to autodetect anomalies.
Transforming traditional ROW inspections for pipelines into a safer, quicker, and highly precise inspection process.
Service 06
Gas Leak Detection
Gas Leak Detection
Identify gas leaks in a safe and efficient manner utilizing advanced OGI camera that can detect methane and other harmful gases from a safe distance.
Outcomes & Features
Utilizes an advanced OGI camera, detecting over 20 types of gases.
Minimizes human exposure to dangerous gases, enhancing safety.
Detects low gas leakage rates of 60g/h and above.
Observes gas leaks from over 100 m away, ensuring efficient monitoring.
Service 07
Telecom Tower
Telecom Tower Inspection
Inspecting at least 400 different checkpoints in every single tower, providing highly accurate and reliable telecom tower inspection.
Outcomes & Features
Delivers comprehensive data with high-quality videos and images.
Efficiently inspects 2 to 4 towers daily, ensuring a rapid assessment process.
Achieves up to 3 cm accuracy, revealing various anomalies.
Offers both visual and thermal inspections for a thorough assessment.
Service 08
3D Modeling
3D Modeling Service
Digitize your assets with our cutting-edge 3D modeling services, bringing concepts to life with precision and creativity.
3D PDMS / E3D Intelligent Models
3D Mesh Models
Point Clouds
3D Maps
Aerial LiDAR Scanning Data
Service 09
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Inspection
No panel blind spot. Visual & thermal drones pinpoint faults, optimize energy production.
Outcomes & Features
Adheres to IEC inspection standards for compliance and quality assurance.
Detects defects as small as 0.1mm, ensuring meticulous panel evaluation.
Offers thermal inspection to identify hotspot exposures.
Inspects up to 40 solar panels per minute for efficient and rapid assessments.
Service 10
Internal Asset
Internal Asset Inspection
Go internal, stay safe. Deploy drones for faster and smarter internal asset inspection. Ensures 100% safer operation
Outcomes & Features
Offers 4K resolution for detailed inspections
Provides dust-proof lighting
Enables 100% autonomous operation
Versatile use for tanks, pipelines, and assets with a diameter of 50 cm and above.
Service 11
BVLOS (Long Range Flights)
BVLOS (Long Range Flights)
Having a large-scale project or gigantic land, then Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) or long-range flight is your absolute solution to complete the project 10 times faster compared to manual or ground-based methods.
Outcomes & Features
Expand coverage area by 10x compared to traditional VLOS, covering vast distances in minutes for increased efficiency.
Replace human crews in hazardous or remote areas, reducing safety risks and costs.
Achieve precise, targeted operations, minimizing material waste and labor forsignificant cost savings.
Versatile applications include oil and gas asset inspection, surveying, mapping, and search and rescue missions.