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Drone Services

ESBAAR provides a wide range of drones and artificial intelligence powered solutions to suit different applications and industries.   

Using drones for inspection, monitoring, surveys, surveillance, or other activities deliver a wide range of operational and financial benefits. Unlike the traditional manual methods that require expensive and risky equipment and tools, the drones are low cost, faster, and much safer to operate. 

Why AI-Powered Smart Drones

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Useful and actionable insights

AI advantages-17.png

No shutdown required 

AI advantages-14.png

Saving costs and time

AI advantages-18.png

Speed in addressing issues

AI advantages-15.png

Increase safety

AI advantages-19.png

High quality data

AI advantages-16.png

Enhanced predictive maintenance

AI advantages-37.png

Improve productivity

Sectors and Services We Offer

ESBAAR Drone Service, Utilities
ESBAAR Drone Service, mining


ESBAAR Drone Service, Oil and Gas

Our drone services are suitable for offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructure and facilities. We empower you to inspect and monitor oil and gas wells, exploration sites, pipelines, and production facilities. The service helps you to quickly identify and address defects, security threats, encroachment, leakages, spillage, corrosion, and other issues. 

ESBAAR Drone Service, logistics


We offer drone services that are suitable for inspecting various power plants, transmission and distribution lines, renewable energy assets such as wind turbines, solar panels, and other critical components.  

In addition to automatically identifying structural issues, equipping the drones with thermal sensors allows them to detect overheating due to faulty components, loose connections, and other malfunctions.  

For the mining industry, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential of drones to improve efficiency and cost. Some of the most common UAV mining applications include, Mapping deposit sites, surveying mines, exploring for minerals, Monitoring stockpile volumes, Tracking equipment, and Time-lapse photography.

ESBAAR Drone Service, construction
ESBAAR Drone Service, security and surveillance



Drones have the potential to improve logistics, warehousing, and distribution of products. Equipped with AI, drones can monitor a wide range of parameters along the entire supply chain. Our services include inventory tracking in logistics warehouses, aerial transportation of goods, infrastructure inspection, and support of port operations.

ESBAAR offers a full suite of professional construction drone services tailored to vertical or horizontal construction projects of any size. Our construction drone services are ideal for, Site Planning and Progress Tracking, Conducting Aerial Site Surveys, Tracking Equipment and Measuring Volume, QA/QC and Inspection, Site Mapping, and Creating Breathtaking Marketing Deliverables.

We deploy fully autonomous drones to provide intelligent aerial surveillance on facilities to identify and respond to various security threats and situations. Drones are capable of providing more coverage than the fixed surveillance cameras, while AI models can detect concealed weapons, theft, or other unusual behavior, and automatically alert the relevant authorities.

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