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Are you tired of slow, dangerous, and expensive conventional OHL inspections? Do you want to improve your power line inspection process and reduce costs? Look no further than ESBAAR's Aerial OHL Inspection via drones.

WHY Aerial Overhead Line Inspection?

 Faster Inspections 

Up to 90% faster inspections compared to conventional methods

 Lower Costs 

Up to 50% lower costs for mobilization and setup

 Less Workload 

Up to 80% less workload for inspectors thanks to our rich data filtering and categorization

 Inspection Accuracy 

99% inspection accuracy thanks to our high-quality cameras and sensors


  • Thermography, Visual, and Corona (partial discharge) data for detailed OHL statutes analysis

  • Easy mobilization and setup, with no need for workers to climb towers or work at heights in adverse weather conditions

  • Safer inspections with no risks of falls, electrocution, or other accidents

  • Optimized for fast and detailed inspection procedures depending on your specific needs

  • Detailed and accurate data on power lines, allowing you to inspect them from a variety of angles and perspectives


DOWNLOAD  Aerial OHL  inspection brochure

You can easily download our brochure to get all needed information about our OHL inspection service.

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