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What is Labib

Labib is an AI-powered and cloud-based visual data management platform with several benefits.
The flexible data solution enables you to digitize and process visual information from your physical assets.

Why use Labib

The integrated platform has all the necessary features and tools to store, process, and manage your inspection data while giving you actionable reports. As all these are under one roof, you do not have to go elsewhere to look for additional tools to manage your data. The reports provide you with an opportunity to optimize performance or address other issues.  


ESBAAR’s Labib platform offers a wide range of optimization and operational benefits

These include;

• An intelligent and powerful image analysis tool.

• A cloud-based collaboration tool for all team members.

• AI models for fast and accurate anomalies detection.

• Provides an overview of your assets compliance and risk management.

• Easy to integrate with third-party solutions.

• Compare historical data.



To request for a demo, please take the time to fill out the information below.
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