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Looking for a fast and efficient way to detect gas leaks? Look no further! At ESBAAR, we use cutting-edge drone technology to quickly locate and measure leaks, even in the most dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.

WHY Aerial Gas Leak Detection?

 10 Times Faster 

Handheld cameras can take up to 2 hours to survey just 1 mile of pipeline, but our drones cover up to 10 times more area in the same time. With the ability to detect leaks from up to 1000 feet away, our drones are able to quickly identify potential hazards.

 Wider Area 

But it's not just speed that sets our services apart. We also cover a wider area, with drones able to scan up to 100 acres of land in one flight. 

 90% Less Emissions 

Don't let gas leaks put your community at risk. With our drone technology, we can detect leaks up to 90% faster than traditional methods, ensuring the safety of your community and protecting the environment. 

Areal gas leak Detection in Oman - OGI.jpg

DOWNLOAD gas leak detection brochure

You can easily download our brochure to get all needed information about out OGI service.

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