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Power line and Power Pylon Inspection

ESBAAR’s smart drones provide an effective way for inspecting power lines while maintaining enhanced safety, efficiency, and speed. Inspecting power lines using our drone has several advantages including high-resolution visual inspection, reduction of man-hours (30-50%), access to inaccessible areas.

Telecom Tower Inspection

Providing highly accurate and reliable smart drone solution for tower inspection by automatically assess the structural issues of over 400 different checkpoints for every single tower as well as malfunctioning components by deploying thermal imaging drones which can detect any overheated component. Overheating can also be caused by loose connections and other malfunctions. Integration with AI data management platform, Labib, makes it easy for the client to smartly navigate the large volumes of images collected by the drone.

Telecom Tower Inspection-09.jpg
solar panel.jpg

Solar Panels Inspection

Our specialized drones with the capability of mounting both IR and RGB cameras significantly optimize the solar panel inspection procedures. The images are taken autonomously by predefining the inspection path.  ESBAAR’s AI data management platform is used to efficiently point out the images with defects such as hot spot identification and defective panels.

Wind Turbine Inspection (External & Internal)

Using our smart drone solution reduces the risk involved during the internal/external inspection of wind turbines. RGB cameras mounted to drones capture high-resolution images near the surface of blades to identify any cracks, damaged coatings, or other faults in the wind turbine blades. Our confined space drone is best suited for internal monitoring of the areas which are restricted for manual inspection such as the far ends of the turbine blades.

wind turbine-min.png
water pipeline-min.png

Water Lines Inspection

ESBAAR's drone solution for inspection service is based on highly accurate visual and thermal cameras to detect any leaks, coating damages, and corrosion in long-distance water pipelines. ESBAAR's machine learning algorithms autonomously sort out the images containing a high possibility of any fault. Drone inspection of water lines includes identifying paint deterioration, corrosion, and leakages too. 

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