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Our photogrammetry drone service allows the generation of accurate digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM). Combining these with CAD and GIS tools provides terrain profiles, surfaces, and volumes at any of the sites. We provide smart drone service solutions for creating DTM and DSM for land use planning, urban planning, aviation planning, infrastructural project management, and others.

2D & 3D Mapping

We provide 2D and 3D mapping services using smart drones for a variety of sites including quarries, landfills, construction, oil wells, agriculture, and alike. Our 2D mapping can be used to measure real distances. Combining the 2D images with images taken at an angle (30-45°), our proprietary software produces 3D models of the site showing detailed topography and exact landscape contours.

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Vegetation Analysis

ESBAAR provides drone services for vegetation analysis such as vegetation mapping, green fields damage assessments, invasive weed surveys, crop production, and alike. Using our smart drones reduces offset costs of mapping, generates instant spatial data, and enhances planning capabilities for green fields and landscapes. Our drone solutions have a great potential for vegetation mapping in complex urban landscapes.

Point Cloud Models

 ESBAARs machine learning algorithms generate point cloud models using images from drones. Point cloud models are the basis for interactive 3D models. The drones take high-definition images along with the location data. The location of a feature of interest is measured using triangulation more the number of features denser will be the point cloud.

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Volume & Stockpile Measurement

We provide our customers with a smart solution for accurate volume and stockpile measurement using drones and highly capable machine learning algorithms. The benefits include lower costs, increased frequency of data collection, and lesser time to discover the size of stockpiles. Moreover, the volume and stockpile measurements are highly accurate because they are based on the photogrammetry process.

LiDAR Mapping

ESBAAR is providing a standard industrial method i.e., LiDAR for site mapping using commercial drone equipped with a laser sensor. Our smart drone solution produces high fidelity topographical maps which can be used to generate 3D models of manmade structures as well as natural terrain. ESBAAR LiDAR sensor drones yield high-resolution point cloud models depending on the altitude.

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