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Flare Inspection

Cost-effective, safe, and efficient inspections of onshore/offshore flares using Commercial drones that are equipped with high-definition cameras and sensors that allow close inspection of the flare from various angles without interrupting the operation. The full 360 degrees perspective of the flare unit coupled with post-processing of images ensures high quality, crisp and valuable data for clients.

Tank Inspection

The smart drone solution for tank inspection allows a safe, easy, and cost-effective method to inspect internal and external walls, base, top, and frames for corrosion signs, cracks, and isolation analysis. Our drone solution for tank inspection offers superior visualizations for the sites beyond the visual line of sight. 

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Pipeline & Flowline Inspection

Commercial drones can cover miles of pipeline infrastructure which will save time and human efforts leading to a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient ways to monitor Right-of-Ways (ROW) and flow lines. Oil and gas companies can benefit from our smart drone solution to collect accurate data much faster.  Integrated with the AI data management platform, drone imagery is autonomously analysis the collected data and provides a detailed inspection report.    

Gas Detection

We use commercial drones that are equipped with the advanced thermal infrared camera which can detect different types of gases based on their electromagnetic wave and enables detection of invisible gases. Through this smart solution, we will be able to detect even small leaks of 60 g/hr from meters away. Early detection of any gas leak will help companies to attend, repair, and prevent the leak and ultimately upholding the safety of the entire facility.

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Well Monitoring

Using a high-tech AI solution for well monitoring, well pad inspection, and well change detection which will save 30% of the cost spent in well mentoring and increase the number of well pads inspected in a day. This smart solution will also provide high-quality, consistent, and safe data collection protected from manual amendments and can be aggregated with a larger structured data set. The data can be programmed to specific navigation points and routes at specifically targeted heights which is the key to collect consistent imagery.

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