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Magnetic Survey 

ESBAAR has a unique magnetometer-mounted drone capable of penetrating the surface, locate possible minerals seams, and map geological features in challenging terrains that are highly risky and difficult to be reached using conventional methods.  this smart drone solution will provide accurate magnetic data to our clients to identify key strategic areas of mineral deposits for better utilization of the area.  The collision avoidance system protects the drone and results in a smooth flight path over obstacles. Our drone service also provides exceptional altitude control above the ground, trees, and other objects. 

Topographic Survey

Our drone topographic survey solutions include the generation of a contour map, orthophoto, dense point cloud, and detailed digital terrain model. Backed by AI, the combined data produces a highly accurate visual dataset and entity identification. Our drone service also includes surveying the size, height, depth, and location of the mining site also the presence of creeks, sloping lands, barriers, and other landscaping elements. The combined data results in a highly accurate visual dataset which is processed by AI algorithms to identify and nominate the entities. This reduces the burden of work and cost of the manual topographic survey for our valued clients.

Topographic Survey.jpg
3D Modeling of Sites.jpg

3D modeling of sites

ESBAAR’s photogrammetry software generates accurate 3D models of sites by combing the data of 2D images from drone aerial footage and location data from GPS on board. Our drones are capable of capturing images at 65 degrees down. The automated mode of flight ensures 60-70% overlap of images to generate high resolution and high accuracy 3D models.

Volume and Stockpile Measurement

Using ESBAAR's smart drone solutions, mining surveyors can capture a massive number of accurate topographic data points in less time. More data points result in extremely accurate volume estimations. We provide volume and stockpile measurement services using a drone, image processing software, and machine learning algorithms. Our latest AI technology algorithms will be used to produce 3D models, calculate precise stockpile volumes using drone imagery and eliminate the data processing hassle and cost.

Volume and Stockpile Measurement.jpg
Site Monitoring and Inspection.jpg

Site Monitoring and Inspection

We are offering a complete drone-based, highly cost-effective, and efficient smart solution to site monitoring. It includes monitoring water/sediment flow, state of haul roads, site assessment before and after drilling or blasting. The RGB cameras on drones capture high-definition images used to construct accurate and cost-effective 3D models of the surface and reconstructions intended for drilling and blasting.

Site Safety Management

ESBAAR's commercial smart drone is one in all site safety management solutions for a variety of workplaces such as construction sites, mining areas, manufacturing setups, etc. Our site safety solution helps a preliminary assessment of the risks of trailing dams in mining areas. We also offer AI solution platform for site safety management which enables the companies to efficiently assess the site areas.

Environmental Monitoring.jpg

Environmental Monitoring

We provide commercial drone technology for environmental monitoring. The drones are equipped with specific gas sensors for detecting gas emissions to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Moreover, our drone solutions are capable of monitoring air quality by detecting different types of gases including H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, VOCs, and particulate matter. 

Live Streaming

ESBAAR's commercial smart drones equipped with a high-resolution camera can be used to stream the video data to a central control location. It helps to provide video streaming to monitor and analyze the site activities in real-time. Moreover, live streaming using drone technology helps to identify any hazardous situation on the mining site and perform an action accordingly.

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