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Warehouse Inventory Tracking

ESBAAR combines AI software with reliable off-the-shelf drone detection solutions for efficient and cost-effective automation of inventory tracking in the warehouse. Our drone's technology adapts to several formats of barcodes, QR codes, and inventory counting in a variety of case/pallet storage configurations. With our smart solutions, the inventory tracking is fully traceable, repeatable, quickly auditable, and up to 3 times cheaper and faster.

Aerial Transportation of Goods

For aerial transport of goods, we offer high-tech commercial cargo drones that can carry heavy payloads to hard-to-reach and remote areas. This high-tech drone delivers the goods safely and cost-effectively to the targeted location. Our drone service can be used in many areas such as parcel delivery, supply of medical items, transporting items in big factories and warehouses.


Infrastructure Inspection

Our drone technology delivers extremely cost-effective, efficient, and safe infrastructure inspection. The mounted RGB cameras on drones provide ultra-high-definition imagery enabling the operators better control and closer monitoring of utility towers, bridges, large building constructions, roadways, and much more.

Port Operations Support

We are providing complete solutions to support port operations with our latest commercial drones that are capable of providing surveillance to maximize security, environmental monitoring, as well as routine equipment and infrastructure inspection. The drones can stream the video or autonomously capture the images of the area for future analysis. 

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