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Site Planning and Mapping

Our commercial drones for aerial mapping power up the site planning, maximize productivity and increase efficiency at construction sites. Prior to or during construction, ESBAAR’s smart drones produce high-definition images which are processed by our proprietary AI solution software to create real-time 2D and 3D maps as well as 360 virtual tours for any construction site.

Project Progress Tracking

For large projects such as multi-building complexes, our smart drone service provides a highly efficient and cost-effective method for progress tracking by flying drones in the same pattern at regular intervals delivering 360 views of the job site. Moreover, using our technology, the construction firms can identify potential problems, observe structural integrity, and track job site inventory.


Aerial Site Survey

Our commercial drones are equipped with RBG cameras that makes them capable to conduct a full site survey which complements the ground surveys by providing high-definition images along with geolocation data that helps track development and progress at the construction site. Our AI-based software platform converts the images into 3D models which can be used to create CAD overlays to ensure the project progress is aligned with the design plans.

Equipment Tracking

Commercial drone photogrammetry greatly helps keep an eye on the assets at the construction site. Using our smart drone solutions, the challenging task of keeping track of all the equipment, inventory, and material at the construction site is now easier than ever. With the use of our machine learning platform, equipment tracking tasks can be completely automated.

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Volume Measurement

The images from ESBAAR’s smart drones processed by our AI machine learning algorithms achieve 99% accuracy in stockpile volume measurements. The measurement is quick, accurate, and cost-effective. Our efficient AI solution creates 2D or 3D geo-referenced maps and elevations which are used to calculate highly accurate volumes. This information helps the construction firms to keep up-to-date records of material on-site which saves time and cost.

Site Mapping

ESBAAR’s smart drone site mapping solution allows digitally capture your site. The procedure is fully automated using predefined location points and flying path. Our mapping protocols consist of 5 steps i.e. planning, defining flight plan, flying and capturing data, processing the data, site map delivery. Our high-quality drone’s images are processed by highly advanced software to create 2D and 3D maps of sites.


Marketing Visual Content

ESBAAR smart drones give businesses an aerial view of sites and buildings that are highly in-demand for marketing campaigns. The aerial view of the business site appeals to the investors of the project. Our drone solution provides stunning bird-eye views of everything at the location required. The footage can be used to establish embedded branding videos on the firm's website, social media platforms, and any other marketing tools.

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