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3D Survey and Mapping

Experience the future of project visualization with our cutting-edge 3D service. Our drones capture aerial images from multiple angles, transformed by advanced software into highly accurate 3D models. Explore detailed landscapes, measure stockpiles effortlessly, and embrace the power of digital twinning for real-time insights. Discover a new dimension of project understanding with ESABAAR.

WHY Aerial 3D Survey and Mapping

See the Unseen

Dive into the world of 3D models where details come to life. These models immerse you in a whole new way of understanding spaces, helping you to grasp complex designs with ease.

Transforming Industries

3D models are superheroes for architecture, engineering, and entertainment. They change how we create, build, and game, sparking unmatched creativity.

Smart Tech, Big Impact

Drones and AI make 3D modeling a breeze. They automate the process, saving time and ensuring precision, even if you're not an expert.

Discover Hidden Insights

Beyond cool visuals, 3D models are like superpowers for structures. They spot issues, measure accurately, and improve planning, making projects more efficient.


  • LiDAR Scanning: Our technology goes beyond conventional methods, incorporating LiDAR scanning to ensure the highest level of accuracy in data capture.

  • Stockpile Measurements: Accurate measurement of stockpiles is effortlessly achieved, providing you with vital data for efficient resource management.

  • 3D Models and Maps: Witness your project come to life in a comprehensive 3D model, complemented by detailed mapping that offers a deeper understanding of your site's features.

  • Digital Twin: Immerse yourself in the virtual realm with a dynamic digital twin, a precise replica that allows for real-time monitoring and analysis.

3d survey drone in Oman.png

DOWNLOAD 3D Survey and Mapping brochure

You can easily download our brochure to get all needed information about our 3D Survey and Mapping service.

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