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2D Survey and Mapping

Are you considering the construction of a facility or a pipeline? Do you wonder if there's a better way to plan and engineer your projects? ESBAAR welcomes you as your trusted partner for 2D surveying and mapping services.

WHY Aerial 2D Survey and Mapping

 Faster Data Collection 

Our skilled pilots navigate UAVs with precision, capturing rich data from various angles and altitudes

Smart Data Processing

Using advanced AI-powered tools, we analyze and stitch the data together, Transforming it into highly accurate and digitized maps 

Less Operational Costs

Reducing the number of surveyors results in lower carbon emissions.

Data Accuracy

Highly accurate and digitized maps that can hits a resolution of 1.5 cm GSD or even better


  • Generate accurate Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) for detailed terrain visualization and analysis.

  • Capture detailed topographic data to understand land features, contours, and elevations.

  • Transform survey data into precise and detailed CAD drawings for design and planning purposes.

  • Create orthomosaic maps with georeferenced data and contour lines for comprehensive project visualization and analysis.

  • Utilize photogrammetry and LiDAR technologies to capture high-resolution imagery and point cloud data for 3D modeling and analysis.

  • Gather data using advanced sensors capable of capturing multispectral or hyperspectral imagery, enabling enhanced analysis of vegetation, soil composition, and more.

  • With these advanced capabilities, ESBAAR empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize projects, and unlock new opportunities for success in the field of surveying and mapping.

survey and mapping by drone in oman.JPG
survey for construction by drone.png

DOWNLOAD 2D Survey and Mapping brochure

You can easily download our brochure to get all needed information about our 2D Survey and Mapping service.

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